Packaging Design - Palomino Logo
Palomino Restaurant & Bar
Palomino is a upscale Italian restaurant & bar with traditional Italian and rustic European dishes, located at 345 Spear St, San Francisco.
Project Overview
    -   Palomino signed up with Uber Eats 
    -   Redesign a leak proof take out box
    -   It has to be easy for transportation
    -   The take out box has multiple usage 
    -   Food container (close) and serving plate (open)
    -   Simple plate setting nesting inside the box
Design Inspiration
    -   For urban picnic, lunch box for leftover
    -   Convenient, less garbage
Design Elements and Tools
The new design will have many uses.  It is made from bio-degradable wax paper inside and matte finish in cappuccino brown (CMYK - 16, 37, 58, 0) outside.  The wax paper can keep the food warmer and better leak proof during transportation.  Users can easily open the bag by the handles and turn it into a simple dinner plate with utensils, cup and napkins, conveniently stored on the “wall” panels.  
The whole mock project was done in Adobe Illustrator.
Packaging Design

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