Corporate Branding Design - Graphic Design - Luminous Photography - Mockup
Corporate Branding Design
Client: Luminous Photography
    - Logo design
    - Business card
    - Letter head 
    - Envelope (legal size 4 1/8 x 9 1/2")
    - Folder design 
Project Overview
Luminous Photography is a brand new company hoping to develope a strong presence in the competitive photography market.  Without any previous branding, we are designing a text based logo with colourful pixels to represent digital photography throughout the branding package.  
Design Inspiration
    - Luminous / Sun
    - Photography / Digital pixels
    - Light / Air
    - Colors
    - Happy / Cheerful
Image Inspiration
Design Elements and Tools
The design inspiration came from web design.  Often time, the elements of corporate branding is just the same logo design with different page setup.  However, we are treating Luminous Photography branding package as if it is a website.  Each branding element is different using the pixels as a design link to create excitement.
Adobe Illustrator was used to create the branding package.
Luminous Photography Corporate Branding 

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