Branding / Experience Design
Brooks Brothers - Red Fleece Label
    -   Young and urban lifestyle clothing label     
    -   Classic preppy with a modern twist    
    -   New concept design to a retail clothier since 1818    
Project Overview
Brooks Brothers is a formal clothier based out of New York city since 1818.  Red Fleece is a dynamic / urban label targeting the young professionals who appreciate classic preppy style clothing with a contemporary twist. 
Design Inspiration
    -   Create a fun and exciting shopping experience     
    -   Design an environment to mimic college dormitory    
    -   Product placements are messy and deliberate     
    -   Lots of creative layering on mannequins
Design Solutions
This is a design collaboration with team in New York City in both store design and marketing teams.  We are debuting this fresh look at the Flatiron Building in NYC.  The design concept is to create a "prep school / college dorm" shopping experience through interesting use of vintage props, different product placements and creative mannequin styling.  It is like Ivy League students with a sense of rebellion.

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